Mobile services because
You’re already home

Remote coaching because you’re staying home

The safety of my clients is my 1st priority

The art of being a health coach

The art of being a health coach

I’m here to help you get stronger, not prettier 

I’m here to help you gain, not lose
I’m here to nourish your body, not your ego
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2021 client openings 

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How is it done?

Client safety

Quick and easy client onboarding

We connect online and you receive value, then get a session in person to experience the benefits

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Mobile massage in your home or hotel

Physically active men and women experience pain relief through sports and relaxation massage at your location, you set the safety rules including masks and music of your choice. Please set up a mat and comfortable cushions in a quiet area on the floor. I’ll do the rest.

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Want to live better longer?

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You know that free 30 min consultation we were talking about? This is it!

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Thanks for taking the first step by booking your massage online. I look forward to getting to know you better and how I can help you out.

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